Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: June Dairy Month

In Pennsylvania, June is Dairy Month. Who loves their milk products??? I do! I do! There is nothing better then coming in from working on the farm and enjoying a cold glass of chocolate milk or a big bowl of delicious ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry! 

Pennsylvania's dairy industry is ranked 5th in the United States for milk production. There are approximately 7,400 dairy farm families that manage 543,000 cows. These cows produce an average of 10.6 billion pounds of milk or 5.6 percent of the entire nation's total milk supply. To learn more about dairy farmers and their everyday care of cattle and farm duties watch the video on the Pennsylvania dairy industry below. 

By the way... the video is much better when you watch it while enjoying a glass of milk...

Video courtesy of  Jnsebright YouTube channel.


cowgirl said...

Great video, Morgan (and some really nice dairies in there too). We have a couple of dairy operators in the family, though nothing on the scale of the operations shown there. Loved the little Holstein babies there. They're just so darned cute at that age.

Morgan Firestine said...

Yes this is a great video highlighting Pennsylvania! I am glad you liked it.