Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Educating Extreme Makeover Home Edition about Goats

Lena-Dove Song Dairy, Paul- Designer for Extreme Makeover, and myself

When celebrities come to your town, the chances of meeting them are usually slim. Well not this time.... I had this unusual call from one of the assistant producers from Extreme Makeover Home Edition television show. Apparently they were in our area doing a house for the much deserving Urban family. Trisha Urban's husband passed away, from a heart attack, nine hours before she was in labor with their daughter Cora. The Urban family have a few animals, including goats.

The Extreme Makeover crew called Penn State Cooperative Extension in Berks County to learn more about goat behavior, housing, and care. The show will be building what they call "a goat palace" and what I call a barn. They needed expertise to assist in this special project. So I felt  the best way to learn about goats is to actually go out and visit a goat farm. While filming, Lena, owner of Dove Song Dairy, and I taught Paul, Leigh Anne, and Tracey (designers from Extreme Makeover) about dairy goats. We gave them a few suggestions about building the "goat palace" such as proper ventilation and clean, fresh water. The designers even had the opportunity to milk a few goats on camera! The designers as well as the filming crew seemed to really enjoy this learning experience.

I never thought as an Animal Science Educator I would have the opportunity to educate celebrities, apparently I was wrong. Never say never! 

Celebrating Wordless Wednesday! Well maybe not so much wordless...

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Luke Shultz said...

The home makeover was a great effort by many people. Thanks for what you did.