Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrate the Beef Industry

May marks the celebration of Pennsylvania’s beef industry. What better way to celebrate then by promoting Pennsylvania’s 1.8 billion dollars industry. Beef month is a great way to honor the 12,000 Pennsylvania beef producers that are generating a high quality and nutritious product.
Too many times we hear about the negative side of the beef industry. What about all the positive aspects? American families expect to enjoy a high quality beef product. Programs like the Beef Quality Assurance program helps to ensure consumers that there is an increased emphasis on proper cattle care and handling and using low- stress management.
Producers should be advocates by sharing accurate relevant stories about their practices. It is critical that we promote the safety of beef products. Farmers know how they raise their animals, but do customers know or care? I believe customers do want to know where and how their products are being raised. Producers need to educate how they raise cattle under humane conditions. In the last few days of May, cattle producers should be congratulating themselves for being good producers of beef and by promoting proper care of their animals.

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