Monday, July 27, 2009

Know Your Beef Checkoff Facts!!

If you are a beef producer, you should know about the Beef Checkoff program. Test your knowledge by taking the "My Beef Checkoff Quiz" and maybe you will win a prize. They are giving out prizes for the first quiz takers with all answers correct. Take the quiz to win cool beef handouts!

If you don't know what the beef checkoff is keep reading!

The Beef Checkoff program is funded by the beef producers of America. All producers and importers pay $1 per head on beef and beef products. $0.50 of that $1 dollar is given to your state beef council to invest in statewide programs. Beef Checkoff is designed to pay for marketing and research for the beef industry and increase demand for beef. This is done through six program categories which are promotion, research, consumer information, industry information, foreign marketing, and producer communications.

The United State Government created the Beef Promotion and Research Act (The Beef Checkoff Program) with the 1985 Farm Bill. The Checkoff Program was made mandatory in 1988. The Cattlemen's Beef Board under the United States Department of Agriculture administers the Beef Checkoff Program. This board consists of volunteers nominated by beef producers and then appointed by the US Secretary of Agriculture. The Cattlemen's Beef Board certifies the state beef councils, evaluates beef programs, and oversees the collection and spending of checkoff funds.

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