Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Arriving home yesterday I saw an interesting sight on our farm, a duck following the heifers around the pasture. Interesting enough, I decided that this was the perfect photographic moment, so I scrambled around to find my camera and raced to the field to get this picture.

Now this duck is not your normal duck. The duck, that I have named George, has been living in our barn for the past two months. We found him one cold wintry day in the barn nestled in the cattle trough on a pile of hay. Ever since that day, he has befriended the cattle, the sheep, and the cats. The barn animals seemed to take a liking to George and they treat him like one of their own. Some days we will find him sitting on top of a fencepost and other days we will find him roaming with the sheep. He doesn't seem to mind that he isn't socializing with other ducks or even frolicking in the water. The duck enjoys living in our barn so I think George is here to stay...

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